Why Food Processing Firms Prefer Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts

Why Food Processing Firms Prefer Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts

August 22,2023

Foods are easy to produce but difficult to deliver to the end consumer while retaining their original form. The emerging and dominant players in the food industry pay special attention to the wire mesh conveyor belt for conveying food products.

Unlike other products, the shelf life of food products is comparatively short. Hence, food chain producers are in the greatest demand for keeping their critical and buffer times very short. The coverage area of a food factory is typically large.

Also, modern packaged food products undergo various processing stages to satisfy their customers with delight and freshness. The conveyor efficiency provides an estimate of the time required for food production.

A wire mesh conveyor belt delivers great function and a competitive edge by optimising food processing time.

The Fundamental Requirements

Hygienic food production is a basic requirement and never an add-on demand. The process of packaging foods undergoes different stages. The working conditions and environment change with the stages.

Practically, it is quite challenging and a low-cost choice when equipping the factory with different materials of conveyor belt at different stages, where the process stages are tightly adjacent to each other.

Hygienic food transfer is significantly assured with the choice of wire mesh material in the conveyor system.

We strongly recommend that you prefer wire mesh manufactured of food-grade materials that are suitable for changing working temperatures, i.e., cold and hot temperatures, without developing toxicity during the production process.

The Mesh Structure

The tightly and loosely packed mesh structure is preferred based on the food that is to be conveyed. When it comes to food products, depending on the variety, the sizes differ.

Choosing an identical mesh structure to transfer food of both small and large sizes will not be the best idea, as it results in inefficiency.

For instance, transferring small food products in a highly spaced mesh structure might be useful to carry food products, but it fails to transfer them to the next stage of the conveyor line. The foods tend to settle and trace on the conveyor belt, irrespective of the conveying angle and belt rotation speed.

Hence, it is very important to select the wire mesh of the required mesh structure for efficient transfer.

The Working Condition

The working environment of the food processing unit has significance in determining the efficiency of the conveyor system. The wire mesh material of the conveyor belt shows its impact on the quality of the food produced.

The cold and hot working conditions should not affect the workability of the wire mesh without creating toxicity. When it comes to food processing, the food-grade materials of the wire mesh restrict any chances of unhygienic foods.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are strictly necessary to keep the food production process more hygienic. The conveyor belt must be capable of restricting corrosion during maintenance and insulation when the wire mesh passes through the hot temperature.

Futuristic Requirements

Snacks contribute to the maximum share of packaged food products. Wire-mesh conveyor belts are the revenue generators of the food industry. The turndown time reflects on the overall efficiency of the food process.

The wire mesh with different mesh patterns and connectors influences the snacking products. The conveyor belt is highly efficient at moving the food with enough friction. The metal wires and snacks go hand in hand to maximise the throughput capacity.

Any breakdown in the chain of operations results in great loss. The automation and upgrade in the food production process force the firms to choose conveyor belts that are highly suitable for the operation.

Wire Mesh Belts are an additional attachment to the existing conveyor system. The installation of wire mesh must be timely and cost-effective. At present, food processing companies are looking for versatile solutions.

Compared to other conveyor systems, wire mesh is handy and consumes less time to assemble and disassemble to initiate the operation.

Other Requirements

The speed of the conveyor system is a crucial factor in determining the throughput capacity. The belt chosen to overlap on the system should not deduce the conveyor output requirement.

The lightweight properties of the conveyor belt have been in higher demand. A wire mesh conveyor belt possesses lightweight properties irrespective of the mesh structure.

In addition, it does not add extra load to the system; hence, the energy consumption of the conveyor system is lower.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts will have a huge impact in the near future. The food industry and wire mesh belts are inseparable. If you’re about to install a food processing unit and looking for reliable Wire Mesh, then Spectra Plast is your go-to manufacturer to satisfy your Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt requirements. please visit Spectra Plast India Pvt Ltd.

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