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The bottling industry involves many types of equipment and types of machinery such as washers, fillers, packaging equipment, and so on. This equipment should be sturdy and capable for which clean and hygienic conditions are essential in the bottling industry.

Spectra Plast has come up with unique solutions for the bottling industry. Our conveyor components, belts, chains for bottling industry are customer-centric, quality-oriented and cost-effective.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is one of the world's fastest-growing markets. Shelf life and cleanliness are two major factors, which the current industry players need to take care to sustain and thrive in this industry. On the other hand, shortages of land, water as well as energy have motivated the food and beverage industry to explore swift and efficient production.

Spectra Plast strives to scout the latest technologies in component making and food sciences, which facilitate us in meeting ever-increasing demand in this industry. With a broad portfolio of chains, modular belts and wear strips the comprehensive solutions expertise, Spectra Plast is a major player in supplying conveyor components for the food and beverage industry machinery and equipment.


The dairy industry deploys various equipment and machinery such as mixers, cooling devices, storage units, pasteurizers, and so on. The maintenance of this equipment is crucial since cleaning regularly is paramount.

Spectra Plast facilitates better maintenance of the dairy industry equipment – thanks to our superior quality conveyor components for these machinery. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that you receive only the best in class conveyor chains and wear strips for your equipment.


The packaging industry utilizes many diverse packaging machines, which are useful in sealing, sachet packaging, carton packaging, stick packaging, pouch packaging and so on. These machines should ensure that there are no leakage or spillage issues in the packaged items. They should be capable enough to produce packs of different sizes and dimensions.

Spectra Plast possesses unique capabilities to fulfill the custom requirements of packaging companies. We have rich experience and expertise in manufacturing custom-designed conveyor components for the packaging industry. Our customized range of products is reliable and effective. High production output, maximum accuracy, and consistent quality are our hallmarks.

Meat and sea food

It is important for the meat and seafood industry to deploy only supreme quality machinery and equipment to deliver the best quality items to the customers. The meat and seafood items are perishable and have a shorter shelf life. Hence, the machinery should be highly functional and efficient.

Spectra Plast is capable of catering to the unique requirements of the meat and fish food industry. We are consistently providing better quality modular belts and wear strips for this industry. We have the capability to custom design and develop conveyor components that suit the meat and fish food industry machinery and equipment perfectly.

Personal Care

The personal care industry is facing many new challenges; new regulations on the manufacturing of personal care products, increasing taxes and opened up competition due to globalization are some of the challenges that this industry faces. Hence, leading Cosmetic & Personal Care companies have deployed modern machinery and equipment to overcome these issues.

Spectra Plast ensures better end customer experience through custom-built solutions for Cosmetic & Personal Care industry equipment. Thanks to our rich experience of close to two decades of working closely with consumer goods brands, we help you to achieve your business goals through ever-functional equipment.


The pharmaceutical industry equipment comprises centrifuges, boilers, conveyors, dryers, evaporators, generators, mixers, packaging equipment, pumps, tanks, and so on. All this equipment should perform precisely and effectively. Clean functioning is very essential in this industry.

Spectra Plast ensures that everything keeps flowing in the pharmaceutical industry, with maximum availability of efficiently performing belts, chains, and components. We offer innovative solutions through our custom conveyor components for the pharma industry enabling pharmaceutical companies to remain competitive while serving customers better.


Consistent innovation in vehicle design, safety standards, speed as well as fuel efficiency is a crucial factor in the automotive industry. In this background, sturdy and innovative technology-based machines and equipment are being used by automobile companies.

Spectra Plast focuses on safety and supreme performance when it comes to manufacturing conveyor components for the automobile industry. Our technical experts and quality engineers work tirelessly to deliver the custom-built solution to meet the exact need of customers.

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