SS Slat Chain or crate conveyor chains are mainly used in areas where products are conveyed in trays, crates or containers like PET and glass bottles typically without direct contact with the product. A major advantage of Thermoplastic slat chain conveyors over plate link conveyors lies within the ability of the platelets of a slat conveyor to flex, and therefore turn corners, complex loops, and even spirals. This makes them highly regarded in continuous manufacturing processes, bottling guide plants, etc.

Spectra Plast is the leading manufacturer of slat chains for Food, Bottling, Dairy and many more. The slat conveyor delivers high performance on conveying products without falling or tipping, which is a key to reduce production down-time. The slat chain conveyor is easy to install and requires less time for complete installation. At Spectra plast we understand the criticality involved in manufacturing slat chains and ensure that the chains are seamlessly flat in ensuring smooth product transfers and lane diversions.

The industrial slat conveyors are suitable for Glass & PET bottles, jars. The slat chain is manufactured with various technical properties to provide different friction, wear and speed characteristics. The slat chain conveyor belt from Spectra Plast is highly reliable and an economical solution to demanding applications in the conveyor industry. The product range includes stainless steel and plastic chains with straight, tab and magnetflex configurations.

The plastic slat conveyors are manufactured with enhanced chemical resistance and high temperature. The slatted conveyor belt performs consistently where the temperature and environmental conditions do not impact the conveyor efficiency. Spectra Plast is one of the leading slat chain manufacturers in manufacturing with better load stability, reduced vibration, noise reduction and better cleaning performance. The slat chain conveyor is highly durable and can be used for a long period of time. Hardened pin materials are inbuilt to restrict chain elongation. The sliding properties, chain length and chain speed of the slat chains are offered based on the customer’s requirements.


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