Modular belts offer a significant advantage over the conventional conveyor belts. It is lightweight and therefore requires only light support structures, such as low-power motor equipment, which reduces the energy cost. The product design also enables easy replacement of even the tiny components. The identical styles prevent dirt from accumulating below the belt. Both plastic and metal conveying belts are a great choice for the food processing business.

Spectra Plast is the leading manufacturer of Modular Belts for various Industries. The conveyor belts are designed and manufactured with FDA approved materials. The modular belts from spectra plast enhance and support to achieve the desired conveying output capacity within less operational time. The modular belt conveyor is designed to perform seamlessly and is suitable for industries that demand mass flow operation of products. The plastic conveyor belts are lightweight and designed Bottles, cans , crates, kegs and cartons.

Modular belts are robust in construction, easy to maintain and hygienic in operation. Plastic modular belt is designed for easy assembling and disassembling after cleaning and requires lesser time to cleaning and fitments on the conveyor compared to endless belts Spectra Plast manufactures belts that deliver safe product conveying, stronger and smooth belt parts for improvised productivity. Application specific configurations of conveyor belts can also be recommended to drain water from the product or cool, while conveying the same.

Spectra Plast offers Modular plastic conveyor belts for a wide range of temperatures, in applications. Our belts run in cold storage of dairy, seafood and meat products. Our products can work in Individually Quick Frozen(IQF) and blancher applications, covering a wide temperature range of -40 degC to 115 degC.

The modular belt is highly reliable and is suitable for critical applications with increased performance and transfer capability. We manufacture modular belts with raw materials of global standards; and expertise to ensure consistent product quality. This helps the customers to have smoother product transfers, less conveyor down-time, easy maintenance and easy cleaning of belts.


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