UHMWPE Wear strips are used to support and guide roller chains, product and conveyor belts, which provides high wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction. They are designed to prevent chain or belt movement and cut back vibration which may increase bearing and motor loads. Wear bends also can be provided usually used to guide conveyor belts around corner tracks.

Spectra Plast is the largest and most trusted manufacturer of wear strips. The UHMWPE wear strip is manufactured using materials consisting of a low coefficient of friction thus enabling smooth and continuous product transit, thus highly preventing the belt movement and increasing chain life.

We indigenously manufacture wear strips with raw materials of global standards in accordance with Ticona GUR (9.2Mn) Mol. Wt. and we are experts in extrude complex profiles and chain guides with consistent material properties ensuring optimum product performance.

We have Two decades of experience to share our expertise and develop the right solutions for our client’s demand and requirements.

UHMWPE Wear Strip

Center Profile

Guide Wear Strip

Center Profile

UHMWPE Clip-On Profile Wear Strip

Clip On Profile

Plastic UHMWPE Clip-On Profile Wear Strip

Clip On Profile

L-Profile Wear Strip

L Profile

Conveyor Wear Strip

Neck Guide

Wear Strips Introduction

  • We are capable of drawing complex profiles with consistent material properties
  •  Two decades of expertise in conveyors has evolved us in providing customized solutions through our professionals
  •  We source Ticona GUR Materials (UHMWPE) which has 9.2million in molecular weight


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